RecycLeather TM is a green innovative company founded by Aron Yu and Olivier Grammont in August 2016. Their circular leather product is made sustainably through smart recycling of natural leather fibers from traceable pre-consumer leather wastage of domestic gardening gloves factories in China destined for landfills. They mix off-cuts with natural latex, the result: highly durable and lighter products with outstanding strength yet retain the traditional appearance and feel of genuine leather.

Why we chose RecycLeather as our packaging partner:

  • An alternative material for making genuine leather products
  • A smart recycling system that saves over 200 tons of scraps per month that would otherwise go to a landfill
  • Assarée packaging is both luxurious and sustainable: It serves as the jewelry pouch, the traditional jewelry box, and the carry bag and has been designed in a reusable manner as an accessory.



Unique, Making sustainability desirable.

Transparent, Without transparency, there is no sustainability.

LuxuryRedefining luxury so that every consumer knows what they buy into.