By creating the flagship Assarée gold and luxury collaboration products, Assarée supports value chain projects to drive transformation and positive impact creation in material value chains focusing on social and environmental impact, striving towards climate positive operations. Setting up a global network of value chain partners combines luxury and sustainability, ensuring transparency along the whole value chain and enabling partners to impact their value chains directly. This creates healthier ecosystems and results in thriving communities.


Assarée aspires to be a multiplier in its ecosystems, attracting more communities to clean production processes and multiplying the linked positive results throughout further regions and countries.


Assarée connects with impact experts to collaboratively intervene in material value chains. Bridgebuilders identify social change agents, environmental change agents, impact or systems entrepreneurs to co-create and scale innovative and sustainable business solutions. The impact partners will share impact-related data and field reports, which will be the basis for developing client impact reports vetted by an independent committee for authenticity and integrity.

ESG Focus for 2021 - 2030: Transparency from mine to market
  • Earning of social license to operate for all stakeholders of mine
  • Piloting of waste-free value chain operations
  • Promotion of non-virgin materials wherever possible (upcycling/recycling)
  • Restoration of planetary health and rural ecosystems
  • Collaboration with strategic partners to set up critically missing entities and Value Adding Intermediaries (VAIs) to increase value capturing in sourcing communities
  • Provision of the required credentials to permit full traceability and accountability while protecting confidentiality and data privacy for each data owner – participant in the value chain. These credentials will assure impacts created and enable the de-commoditization of luxury raw materials, embedding social and environmental ”externalities.”

Unique, Focusing on transparency rather than standards and a step-by-step impact road map rather than certification.

Transparent, Providing knowledge through access and visibility to current supply chain practices. #KnowYourSource (KYS).

ImpactfulSocial and environmental impact, in combination, lead to sustainable community-centric ecosystems.