Transparency from Last Smartphone User to Market

Systemic issues

  • The electronics sector creates 20-50 million tons of discarded E-waste each year and growing (7% of annual gold consumption goes into electronics production)
  • Post-consumer electronics are shipped to developing nations for the second-hand market and then often end up in landfills

Environmental, Social & Governance issues (ESG)

  • Unregulated urban mining practices such as the burning of electronics creates air and soil pollution and negatively affect the health of the miners and neighboring communities
  • Today’s main collection streams are informal and untransparent, often even including minors

Unique: Assarée has a unique impact approach together with its impact partners, focusing on transparency rather than standards and a step-by-step impact road map rather than certification.

The urban mining value chains Assarée engages with are unique in only using four value chain steps from landfill to market; E-waste collection (SMEs) (Phones & Tablets), weighing of the E-waste in a warehouse, shredding and smelting, and lastly refining, which is all transparently displayed. An industry game-changer in the Assarée urban mining value chains is that the warehouse only buys the whole electronics from the E-waste collectors rather than just the precious metals, setting the right incentives for landfill clearance as well as the recollection of precious metals, reducing air and soil pollution.

Transparent: being transparent provides knowledge through access and visibility to current supply chain practices. It further allows impact programs to be co-created and measured along the entire value chain. #KnowYourSource (KYS)

All partners along the value chain have committed to integrating transparency as the baseline of their activities, following Assarée’s claim that “without transparency, there is no sustainability.”

Impactful: social and environmental impacts are inherently interlinked and, in combination, lead to sustainable, long-lasting impact programs for resilient, thriving communities and an attraction towards clean production processes.

The Assarée ESG impact road map will be developed with the local stakeholders. The impact road map is based on an ESG framework supporting environmental, social, and governance aspects. Reporting is focused on the transformation of the value chains towards the impact goals.

Unique, Making sustainability desirable.

Transparent, Without transparency, there is no sustainability.

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