Transparency from Mine to Market

Systemic issues

  • Highly complex value chains (intermediaries)
  • No access to value chain information (B2B and especially B2C)
  • Certification labels lack transparency, scalability, and delivery reliability
  • Industrial mining does not equal sustainable mining (even in OECD countries)

Environmental, Social & Governance issues (ESG)

  • Pollution and final storage of chemicals (e.g., Mercury, Cyanide, Carbon, 20k
    abandoned tailings also from LSM)
  • Child labor (5 Mio kids in mines)
  • Financial exclusion (untransparent value distribution; 20 Mio people in ASM)
  • No traceability and no accountability

Unique: Assarée has a unique impact approach together with its impact partners, focusing on transparency rather than standards and a step-by-step impact road map rather than certification.

The virgin mining value chains Assarée engages with are unique in only using the three value chain steps artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), processing plant, and refinery, from mine to market, which is transparently displayed. An industry game-changer in the Assarée ASM value chains is that the processing plant buys the ORE (gold-stone) in exchange for fair and rapid pay, and the gold is then extracted through a closed process without the need to use mercury.

Transparent: being transparent provides knowledge through access and visibility to current supply chain practices. It further allows impact programs to be co-created and measured along the whole value chain. #KnowYourSource (KYS)

All partners along the value chain have committed to integrating transparency as the baseline of their activities, following Assarée’s claim that “without transparency, there is no sustainability.” As we advance, Assarée, in partnership with its Bridgebuilders, will organize impact trips for Assarée Gold investors and Assarée material clients to visit the value chains and get first-hand insight into the local realities and contexts.

Impactful: social and environmental impacts are inherently interlinked and, in combination, lead to sustainable, long-lasting impact programs for resilient, thriving communities and an attraction towards clean production processes.

The Assarée ESG impact road map is specific to the local context of every region and country engaged in. The impact road map is based on an ESG framework supporting environmental, social, and governance aspects. Reporting is focused on the transformation of the value chains towards the impact goals.

Unique, Making sustainability desirable.

Transparent, Without transparency, there is no sustainability.

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