Photographer: Romy Maxime

Zurich-based duo Anouk Hilti-Zingg (1991) and Nathalie Widmer (1990) are the forces behind Assarée. Assarée is a holistic wealth advisory that offers unique investment opportunities & products to peers, using transparency as an advisory baseline.

At Assarée, themes such as sustainability and desirable design go hand-in-hand. Through shared knowledge & experiences around transparent investments, the well-informed Assarée community generates intentional impact in line with progressive value.

What is your Nickname?

A: “Keki (aka cake in Japanese)”
N: “Pickles”

What is your nationality?

N: “I am part Swiss and part Croatian”
A: “I am Swiss-Senegalese”

What motivated you to work towards building Assarée?

N: “I realized that without transparency, there is no agency over impact.”
A: “Recognizing that the Next Generation thinks differently and wants to know more. They demand more background information related to their investments as well as their purchasing decisions. That is why Assarée’s vision is that every investor and the luxury consumer knows what they buy into. Being aware of what is happening along the supply chain enables you to make informed investment and purchasing decisions. I am convinced that people who know more will start behaving in a more responsible way.”

What do you do outside of work?

N: “Tasting delicious foods.”
A: “In Zürich, I love to shop vintage and I mostly travel to be inspired. So far, I am most drawn to the Modes and cultures of Tokyo and Paris.”

What is your secret pleasure?

N: “Anything umami”
A: “I derive pleasure from anything in a miniature form – (check out @tanaka_tatsuya on Instagram)”

How have you personally advanced since the start of Assarée?

N: “I understand the difference between resilience and being flexible by focusing on solutions and trusting my innards.”
A: “I think there is no better learning curve than being part of an up-striving start-up. If you approach the right people with the right purpose, you can actually meet with anyone. Being the CEO brings me to an eye-to-eye level, even with CEOs of established companies. It is all a team effort, and having the right people support your idea is key.”

Describe your Business partner in 3 words:

N: “Anouk is…
1. Strategic
2. Resourceful
3. Fearless”
A: “Nathalie has/is…
1. Unexpected, exquisite taste
2. Sharp
3. Conscientious”

If you could change something in the world with your business, what would that be?

N: “Disrupt systems that no longer suit our Zeitgeist.”
A: “To make people realize that transparency is key when it comes to investment decisions. For example, there is only either sustainable gold or “dirty” gold. There are either transparent or hidden supply chain activities, the latter causing negative social and environmental impacts. Only by #KYS (know your source) can investors take ownership over the impact their investments have.

Unique, Making sustainability desirable.

Transparent, Without transparency, there is no sustainability.

LuxuryRedefining luxury so that every consumer knows what they buy into.