“In this new wave of investors and consumers, demanding more values-aligned solutions, we created the client experience & products we were seeking ourselves.”

Anouk Hilti-Zingg
Founding and Managing Partner
In charge of managing the Assarée universe and its impact initiatives, Anouk is an entrepreneur and purpose-driven investor advocating for new perspectives in wealth advisory. With a background in business management (St. Gallen & Tokyo) and previous work at a Swiss private bank, she explored the next generation of wealth owners' value proposition. Inspired by the belief "YOU ARE WHAT YOU INVEST IN," Anouk, through The Rheinest Family Office, co-funds impact ventures, serves on the board of The System Change Foundation, and co-founded the "Female Wealth Owners (FWO): Empowerment for Impact Initiative."
Nathalie Widmer
Founding Partner & Communications Director
In charge of communications & creative partnerships at Assarée, Nathalie is a purpose-driven investor and entrepreneur with a background in business management (London) and design (New York). Co-founder of the Female Wealth Owners (FWO) Empowerment for Impact Initiative, she advocates for level-to-level knowledge sharing and progressive branding to inspire collective action. Previously, Nathalie founded and sold the label Arloe before joining Assarée to deepen her impact on sustainability through investing.
Rudolf Hilti
Ecosystem Investor & Board Member
In charge of selecting private market deals for the Assarée community. Rudi is the Founding Chair of the Investment Firm Rheinest and is known to have a futuristic perspective on systemic change and innovation. He is the founding chair of the The Hus.institute and The System Change Foundation in Vaduz.
Eleni Theodorou
Co-founder FWO*: Empowerment for Impact
In charge of fostering connections among female wealth leaders, Eleni, co-founder of the *Female Wealth Owners (FWO): Empowerment for Impact Initiative, is an international venture philanthropy and impact investing professional. Passionate about forming impact alliances, she leads the We Share Forward Foundation and serves as a trustee for the Center for Access to Football in Europe. Recognized as a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader, she received the 2023 European Venture Philanthropy Impact Champion Award.
Veerle van Wauwe
Bridge builder & Board Member
In charge of impact design and being a bridge builder at Assarée. Veerle is the CEO of Transparence S.A. and a co-creator of the Better Gold Initiative, honing over 12 years of experience in transparent value chains, guiding entrepreneurs to be changemakers in the metals minerals sector.
Camille Zingg
Board Member
In charge of offering a Gen Z perspective, Camille, a political science graduate, gained experience from UN projects in Kenya and South Africa. She is currently pursuing a Master in Management at IE Business School, where she also serves as a Fellow at the Venture Lab. Additionally, Camille holds a Strategic Initiative Associate role at World Data Lab, enhancing her professional portfolio.

“It’s all about making investing and sourcing less abstract, more inspiring, and aligning it with our way of life.”

A family office started by Anouk and Rudi Hilti serving as the Assarée community deal manager. The RHEINEST Family Office engages in purpose-driven club deals with family offices and private investors supporting early-stage social enterprises. RHEINEST engages throughout all development steps, supporting entrepreneurs who question the status quo, challenge trends, and rethink realities. RHEINEST leverages its global network by creatively connecting the dots of capital, regulation, and research with the forward-looking goal of creating impact at scale.
System Change Foundation
Promotes sustainable development through networks between the environment economy and society, and sees itself as a value-based enabler to help people and institutions on their way to the necessary shifts in perspective. Systemic change starts with changing perspectives. thesystemchange.org
A Swiss mission-driven company, established in 2007, stands as a pioneer in forging innovative business models. Committed to propelling transformation and cultivating positive impact within precious materials value chains, Transparence S.A. endeavors to create healthier ecosystems and foster thriving communities in the areas it intervenes.

Progressive, Offering new perspectives through a gen Y/Z lens.

Level-to-level, Sharing knowledge & information transparently with peers.

PurposeAligning your values with a way of life.