“Being part of a new wave of investors & consumers with shifting values, we created the client experience & products we were seeking ourselves.”

Anouk Hilti-Zingg
CEO & Chairman
In charge of strategy, coordination & partnerships, Anouk is an entrepreneur advocating for new perspectives and a level-to-level approach in wealth advisory, empowering progressive individuals and companies to take agency on their impact. Her previous work at a Swiss boutique private bank in sustainability prompted her to investigate the next generation of high-net-worth clients' value proposition. From her experience with the Next Gens, Assarée was conceived.
Nathalie Widmer
Communications Director & Board Member
In charge of communications & creative partnerships at Assarée. Nathalie is an entrepreneur focusing on establishing a level-to-level communication and progressive branding approach to encourage collective action. She has a background in business management and luxury design from New York. After returning to Zurich, Nathalie started a sustainable label (Arloe) that she sold before joining Assarée with the intention to address sustainability in a more profound manner.
Rudolf Hilti
Ecosystem Investor & Board Member
As the Founding Chair of the Investment Firm Rheinest, Rudi selects private market deals for the Assarée community. Rudi is known to have a futuristic perspective on systemic change and innovation. He is the founding chair of the The Hus.institute and The System Change Foundation in Vaduz
Elsa Reichling
Finance & Operations
In charge of financial and operational support at Assareé and Rheinest. Elsa gained several years of experience in administrative functions during her studies in banking, finance, and sustainability management.
Laura Tanzer
In charge of brand strategy at Assarée. Laura has been part of fashion brand Vetements during the growth phase from start-up to a profitable company and is currently the creative and research assistant at Balenciaga, Paris.
Veerle van Wauwe
Bridgebuilder & Board Member
In charge of impact design and being a bridge builder at Assarée. Veerle is the CEO of Transparence S.A. and a co-creator of the Better Gold Initiative, honing over 12 years of experience in transparent value chains, guiding entrepreneurs to be changemakers in the metals minerals sector.
Camille Zingg
Board Member
In charge of lending us her Gen Z perspective. Camille has a background in Political Science and has lived and studied in Kenya for several years, engaging in UN initiatives and working in social projects in slums in Kenya and South Africa.  

"It's all about making investing and sourcing less abstract and aligning it with our way of life."


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Unique, Offering new perspectives through a gen Y/Z lens.

Transparent, Without transparency, there is no agency on impact.

Level-to-LevelSharing knowledge & information by speaking your language.